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Labiaplasty Plastic Surgery

by F. Ryan Wermeling, MD

Labiaplasty is the plastic surgical procedure to reduce the size of large or asymmetrical labia minora, which are the flattened folds of skin or inner lips surrounding the entrance to the vagina.

Because there is a significant variation in the size or amount of visible tissue in this area, it cannot be said that there is a normal amount or size of the labia minora for any woman.

The medical term of labial hypertrophy refers to oversized labia minora. There are many factors affecting the size of these tissues. This condition may arise through normal developmental processes, or it can appear later in life due to stretching during childbirth or aging.

The condition of labial hypertrophy may commonly be associated with discomfort from pressure or rubbing. This discomfort may occur when wearing certain clothes, during sexual intercourse, or with exercise activities, such as riding a bicycle or running. Many patients relate that labial hypertrophy can cause self-consciousness, such as with a sexual partner. Labia reduction surgery is designed to treat this condition.

Many factors can contribute to your confidence, sexuality, femininity, and overall sense of good health and hygiene. None of these is more personal and private than your genitalia. If labial hypertrophy has become a problem for you; then, after careful consideration, a thorough consultation with Dr. Wermeling can help you decide whether labiaplasty may be an appropriate solution for you.